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SunSPoT Solar Potential Map

More information on how to use the map is located here
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The Solar Potential Tool (SunSPoT) models typical PV panels and systems that are installed in Australia. However, there are more or less efficient panels and system components available on the market. More efficient panels will produce more energy in the same area, but may be more expensive.

Data only exists on rooftops in the area covered by the insolation heat map. There is no data for ground (non-roof) areas.

Choosing the best conditions for solar PV systems

High insolation example

High solar radiation (insolation) areas maximise the output of your system. These areas are usually unshaded and approximately north facing, with tilt close to the latitude angle.

Rack mounting example

Using rack mounting to tilt your panels more optimally improves the output, however the supporting structures may add cost compared to flush mounting.

Shading tool example

Use the shading tool to rule out areas of low solar radiation – shading significantly reduces PV performance.