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Mapping Australian Photovoltaic installations

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Performance data are sourced at up to 5 minute intervals from more than 6000 PV systems PV systems in 57 regions across Australia. The 57 regions are based on postcodes beginning in the same first two digits (‘2-digit postcode regions’).

The data is kindly contributed by SMA Australia via the SMA Sunny Portal database and sourced from The data may not be representative of the average PV system output in all parts of Australia. In particular, in some ‘2-digit postcode regions’ (regions with postcodes beginning in the same first two digits), a small number of systems are contributing data and larger systems may dominate the aggregate.

The data is used to estimate the average PV system performance (output as a percentage of rated capacity) for each 2-digit postcode region, in each 15 minute time interval. The output of all the PV systems in each region is calculated using the installed capacity of PV systems in each 2-digit region, according to the Clean Energy Regulator's RET database*. These regional output estimates are summed to estimate the total generation from distributed PV systems in each State. Contribution to load is then calculated using data from the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) for the National Electricity Market and the South West Interconnected System. The APVI Live Map estimates exclude PV systems that are registered generators in the NEM, as these are accounted for in AEMO's generation data.

For Australian users, data is displayed in the user's timezone, so generation from PV from systems east of the users timezone will present with an earlier sunrise, and systems west of the users timezone, a later sunrise. For international users, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) is used for all data, as per the convention in the National Electricity Market.

* Linear interpolation is used to calculate a daily capacity figure for each 2-digit postcode region. The most recent capacity figures may be an underestimate as PV system owners have up to a year to register their system with the Regulator, however, these figures are updated retrospectively as better data for past months becomes available.