Bathurst Regional (A) PV Installations

Last update: 2023-12-31

Figures are estimated based on available data.

See footnotes for details of data sources, terminology and analysis.

Total solar installations


Residential installations: 5,598

Commercial installations: 1,011

Power stations: 2

Number of houses in LGA: 18,961

Installed residential capacity: 28,151 kW

Total installed capacity: 47,439 kW

Average annual kWh generated per kW installed: 1,310 kWh/kW

LGA residential PV density benchmarking (Proportion of houses with PV)

Bathurst Regional (A)~29.5%
New South Wales~31.7%
Blayney (A)~30.2%
Oberon (A)~29.6%
Lithgow (C)~26.5%

Estimated annual savings

For all households with solar PV:


For a typical new solar PV system (7 kW), conservatively:


Annual CO2 offset

All solar installations:

46,000 tonnes

Residential: 27,300 tonnes

Commercial: 17,300 tonnes

Power stations: 1,390 tonnes

Based on estimated annual output of 62,204 MWh and 0.74 tonnes of CO2 produced by the energy network per MWh.

Equivalent to over 14,000 cars taken off the road per year based on these calculations

PV System Installations

(All time: 2001-)

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